Have you ever wondered why Indian women (and men!) have such beautiful, shiny, thick and healthy hair?

They surely do not owe it to shampoos and conditioners developed in laboratories, filled with chemical and artificial substances. The secret of beautiful hair is hidden in Ayurveda - ancient medicine and philosophy of the East, which is practiced in India and respected to this day.

Ayurveda not only precisely describes plants and oils that help in many diseases. Indian women also nurure their beauty on the basis of wisdom written centuries ago. For them, beautiful hair equals health and social status.

Ayurveda describes a variety of plants, which are used by Indian women to produce their elixirs of youth. One of those plants is brahmi - green shrub that grows in the areas of India. The extract obtained from brahmi is an amazing conditioner, nurturing your hair. Thanks to regular hair oiling with the use of natural oils (coconut, macadamia, argan, castor) combined with brahmi, hair starts to grow faster, become stronger, is easier to style, gain moisture, shine. Brahmi will helo everyone who suffer from excessive hair loss, because it nourishes hair bulbs and stimulates their work. In consequence, hair stops falling out, starts growing faster, its density improves. This tremendous Indian herb will not only take care od the hair bulbs but also scalp (for example, helps get rid of dandruff). Additionally, brahmi penetrates hair on its entire length. Thanks to this, it perfectly nourishes strands and even very dull and damaged hair gain good condition and shine. Brahmi also protects hair from cigarette smoke, toxins coming from the environment, harmful solar radiation, strong wind and frost. Consequently, your wisps gain resilience, are easier to style and comb.

If you want to have beautiful, healthy and thick hair, the same as Indian women - you must immediately try out hair oiling with brahmi.